Michael Kirk

Things I am proud of

  • I currently lead iOS development with Open Whisper Systems. We build products that push the frontier of private communication.
  • I helped start Produce Labs, a Hacker Space/Supper Club in Los Angeles' Produce District.
  • I was an organizer and teacher at MaptimeLA, a group dedicated to teaching and learning how to make maps with desktop GIS apps, code, and occasionally crafting supplies.
  • I taught people how to repair bicycles at La bicicocina, a rad collectively run space in East Hollywood.
  • I cooked thousands of burritos for hungry folks around LA as part of the Burrito Project. We were too legit for a website. =] But if you're interested, contact me and I can connect you.
  • For years I've had the pleasure of working with the fine folks at Jackpine, a group of earnest and talented developers and designers.